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Note To Self: More Ideas on How To Wear a Yellow Blazer

A simple google search led me to come across this gem of a picture. There is absolutely no way I can not get an outfit…
Fofo Jan 02, 2013

Note To Self: How To Wear A Yellow Blazer

I had bought a blazer very similar to the one shown, last year from New Look, and I haven't worn it out once. Why? Because…
Fofo Jan 01, 2013 Originally by sarahwilloughby

THE SWEET LIFE OF A SWAG HAG #1 - Kreayshawn And Lil Debbie In 'Gucci Gucci'

My name is FoFo (buzzreaders: "Hi FoFo...") and I am a certified Swag Hag. My definition of a Swag Hag is somebody who gets easily over-excited over many…
Fofo Dec 11, 2012

FoBo - Custom Handmade Bows - Tell Me What You Think :3

A reminder of what I like to do! Reblogged from FoFoTheFreak You may not know that I enjoy designing and making bows as I have not really…
Fofo Oct 03, 2012 Originally by fofothefreak
New Look, New Perspectivepic
Thank You Whitneyvid

Thank You Whitney

We will always remember your astounding talent and beauty that brought joy to so many people. Thank you for inspiring me, personally to really put…
Fofo Feb 12, 2012
New Youtube Channel Intro!vid

New Youtube Channel Intro!

I now have two channels :) Fiyinxfolu is for makeup, hair and fashion. FoFoTheFreak is  going to have a bit more randomness and vlog etc. I can't wait…
Fofo Feb 02, 2012
Painting A Skeleton Shirt Using Household Bleachvid

Painting A Skeleton Shirt Using Household Bleach

From my youtube channel. Eurrgh...ignore the chipped nail polish pleashe -__-The ribcage printout was originally supposed to be a full stencil but when I printed it…
Fofo Jan 28, 2012
HOW TO: Simple Alternative 'Pin Up' Inspired Makeup Requestedvid

~HOW TO: Simple Alternative 'Pin Up' Inspired Makeup (Requested)

This was the makeup I was wearing in my last video and a couple of people wanted a tutorial on it, so here you go…
Fofo Jan 02, 2012
FoFo's not-so-new 2nd channelvid

~FoFo's not-so-new 2nd channel~

Ideas muchly appreciated :) Subs for my second channel wil be appreciated even more ;) Link for my new channel: x NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT…
Fofo Dec 13, 2011

FoBo - My First Bow Collection

You may not know that I enjoy designing and making bows as I have not really talked about that alot in this blog. But I…
Fofo Dec 11, 2011
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I made this buzznet just to keep a little journal of my inspirations and to share them with others. Hopefully you'll get inspired too! Feel free to visit my other blog where I'm more active:
Currently my favourite bands are The Skints, The Kooks and Kasabian. Nothing to do with describing myself but they sure make damn good music ;)

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